Minor in Botany

KS Jacquemontia

A Minor in Botany is offered to students who are interested in careers in natural sciences or natural resource managements, or who want to enrich their undergraduate experience by pursuing interests in one or more of the following:


  • marine or terrestrial plant life in Hawai‘i
  • ecology and resource management
  • modern technologies (molecular, physiological, or genetic methodology)
  • techniques of microscopy
  • ethnobotany
  • traditional fields such as classification, physiology, anatomy


For a Minor in Botany students must meet the University requirement of 15 credit hours in non-introductory courses in the Minor. The Department of Botany Minor Program offers great flexibility, allowing students to pursue a Minor in Botany regardless of major or background. Students can pursue an individually designed program, or the following example:

Evolutionary Botany

Required courses
BOT 201 Plant Evolutionary Diversity
BOT 462 Plant Evolution

BOT 420 Functional Form of Plants
BOT 430 Mycology
BOT 450 Natural History of Hawaiian Islands
BOT 461 Principles of Plant Systematics
BOT 480 Algal Diversity & Evolution
BOT 662 Advanced Systematics

Procedure for Declaring a Botany Minor

The advisors for the Botany minor are part of the College of Natural Sciences advising office, Email: cnsadvis@hawaii.edu Office: Sinclair 301. Phone: 808-956-5911. See https://hawaii.edu/natsci/advising for more information on undergraduate advising.

Bear in mind that courses to be used for core or major credit cannot be included in your minor and that only grades of C (not C-) or above count toward your minor.

One semester before you graduate, meet with your advisor to compile the courses, credits, and grades to be counted toward your Minor certificate.