Bachelor of Science


Kaena Point KS

The BS degree is designed for those students who plan a career in science with an emphasis on plants, especially those intending to do graduate studies. A full complement of basic courses in biology, chemistry, math, and physics is required in addition to botany courses. The advisor for the BS degree is Christy Burt, Email:, Office: EDM 216. Phone: 808-956-6174. (For a liberal arts degree emphasizing plants, see our BA Program). See for more information on undergraduate advising.

Required seminars in Botany:

  • BOT 100 Freshman Seminar
  • BOT 200 Sophomore Seminar
  • BOT 300 Conservation Ethics
  • BOT 400 Senior Seminar

Required courses in Botany & Biology:

  • BOT 101+101L General Botany + Lab
  • BOT 201+201L Plant Evolutionary Diversity + Lab
  • BOT 305 Ecology
  • BOT 420 Functional Form of Plants
  • BIOL 171+171L Introduction to Biology + Lab
  • BIOL 275+275L Cellular and Molecular Biology + Lab
  • BIOL 375+375L Concepts in Genetics + Lab

Elective courses in Botany (minimum of 15 credits):

At least one from Group 1 (Systematics & Evolution):

  • BOT 430+430L Mycology + Lab
  • BOT 461 Systematics of Vascular Plants
  • BOT 462 Plant Evolution
  • BOT 480 Algal Diversity and Evolution

At least one from Group 2 (Ecology, Conservation, & Natural History):

  • BOT 301+301L Plant Conservation Biology + Lab
  • BOT 303 Field Botany
  • BOT 350 Resource Management & Conservation in Hawaii
  • BOT 440 Advanced Ethnobotany
  • BOT 444 Ethnoecology and Conservation
  • BOT 450 Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands
  • BOT 454 Plant Community Ecology
  • BOT 456 Plant-Animal Interactions

Other electives from the categories above or below to reach required number of electives:

  • Ethnobotany: BOT 440 Advanced Ethnobotany, BOT 442 Medical Ethnobotany, BOT 444 Ethnoecology and Conservation, BOT 446 Hawaiian Ethnobotany
  • Miscellaneous electives: BOT 302 Grant Writing Seminar, BOT 399 Botanical Problems, BOT 401 Teaching Internship, BOT 450 Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands

Other required courses:

  • CHEM 161+161L General Chemistry I + Lab
  • CHEM 162+162L General Chemistry II + Lab
  • CHEM 272+272L Organic Chemistry I + Lab
  • PHYS 151+151L College Physics I + Lab
  • PHYS 152+152L College Physics II + Lab
  • MATH 215 Applied Calculus I (or equivalent)
  • MATH 216 Applied Calculus II (or equivalent)

Prospective majors should consult the degree advisors promptly so as to design a curriculum that satisfies these requirements. See for more information on undergraduate advising.