Bachelor of Arts


TR Sadleria cyatheoides

The BA program is a liberal arts degree with an emphasis on understanding modern concepts in plant sciences, particularly related to the role of botany in society and the uniqueness of the ecology of Hawai’i. The BA degree provides students flexibility to pursue a broad liberal arts education, and still gain a sound foundation in botany with an area of particular interest. Courses are available in conservation, ecology, ethnobotany, molecular evolution, physiology, structural botany, systematics, and selected faculty research specialties. The courses applied toward the botany major may be selected with the student’s interest area in mind. The advisor for the BA degree is Christy Burt, Email:, Office: EDM 216. Phone: 808-956-6174. (Students planning a career in science and those intending to pursue graduate studies should consider our BS Program) See for more information on undergraduate advising.

 Required seminars in Botany:

  • BOT 100 Freshman Seminar
  • BOT 200 Sophomore Seminar
  • BOT 300 Conservation Ethics
  • BOT 400 Senior Seminar

Required courses in Botany & Biology:

  • BOT 101+101L General Botany + Lab
  • BOT 201+201L Plant Evolutionary Diversity + Lab
  • BOT 305 Ecology
  • BOT 420 Functional Form of Plants
  • BIOL 171+171L Introduction to Biology + Lab

Elective courses in Botany (minimum of 24 credits):

At least one from Group 1 (Systematics & Evolution):

  • BOT 430+430L Mycology + Lab
  • BOT 461 Systematics of Vascular Plants
  • BOT 462 Plant Evolution
  • BOT 480 Algal Diversity and Evolution

At least one from Group 2 (Ecology, Conservation, & Natural History):

  • BOT 301+301L Plant Conservation Biology + Lab
  • BOT 303 Field Botany
  • BOT 350 Resource Management & Conservation in Hawaii
  • BOT 440 Advanced Ethnobotany
  • BOT 444 Ethnoecology and Conservation
  • BOT 450 Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands
  • BOT 454 Plant Community Ecology
  • BOT 456 Plant-Animal Interactions

Other electives from the categories above or below to reach required number of electives:

  • Ethnobotany: BOT 440 Advanced Ethnobotany, BOT 442 Medical Ethnobotany, BOT 444 Ethnoecology and Conservation, BOT 446 Hawaiian Ethnobotany
  • Miscellaneous electives: BOT 302 Grant Writing Seminar, BOT 399 Botanical Problems, BOT 401 Teaching Internship, BOT 450 Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands

Other required courses:

  • CHEM 161/161L General Chemistry I + Lab
  • PHYS 100/100L Survey of Physics + Lab


Prospective majors should consult the degree advisors promptly so as to design a curriculum that satisfies these requirements. See for more information on undergraduate advising.