Zak (Rakan) Zahawi

Cooperating Graduate Faculty in Botany; Director of Lyon Arboretum

PhD 2003 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Contact Information
Phone: (808) 988-0457

Link to ResearchGate

Graduate Faculty Memberships
Botany, Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM)

Research Interests

Design and evaluation of cost-effective restoration strategies that facilitate or accelerate forest recovery in degraded habitats, particularly the Neotropics

Forest dynamics and plant succession in fragmented tropical landscapes

Vegetative propagation of tropical trees and their application in restoration

Research Statement

My research has evaluated theoretical ecological concepts centered on forest recovery in degraded tropical habitats with the goal of developing cost-effective strategies to facilitate or accelerate this process. I have conducted both observational and experimental research in Central and South America and established large- and small-scale projects with collaborators and students from multiple institutions. This includes projects that have evaluated applied nucleation as a restoration strategy, the use of large vegetative cuttings (≥2 m tall) in restoration, and the potential for utilizing agricultural waste to aid in recovery. I have also examined forest dynamics in habitat fragments and quantified land use change patterns over long-time scales. I am dedicated to furthering scientific advancement in my fields of research, but I am also committed to applying this research knowledge to advancing conservation goals wherever this research is being conducted.

Selected Publications

Zahawi, R.A, F. Oviedo-Brenes, and C.J. Peterson. 2017. A degradation debt? Large-scale shifts in community composition and loss of biomass in a tropical forest fragment after 40 years of isolation. PLoS One 12(8): e0183133.

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