Orou G. Gaoue

Assistant Professor of Botany

orou gaoue (2)Assistant Professor of Botany
PhD 2008, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Contact Information
Phone: (808) 956-6704
Email: ogaoue@hawaii.edu

Lab website:  http://www2.hawaii.edu/~ogaoue

Graduate Faculty Memberships

Research Interests
Plant demography and population dynamics; Plant-human interactions; Dynamics of local ecological knowledge; Social network analysis; Ethnoecology 

Research in our lab is at the interface of quantitative ecology and ethnoecology. We are particularly interested in developing statistical and mathematical models to capture plant population dynamics and test the influence of anthropogenic disturbance on plant life history and population viability. We are also interested in understanding how social network affects the acquisition and dynamics of local ecological knowledge and the ways in which local people use that knowledge to develop sustainable (or not) management plans.

Selected Publications

  • Gaoue OG, Horvitz CC, Ticktin T, Steiner U, Tuljapurkar S (2013). Defoliation and bark harvest alter the life history traits of a Tropical tree. Journal of Ecology doi: 
  • Gaoue OG, Horvitz CC, Ticktin T (2011). Non-timber forest products harvest in variable environments: modeling the effects of harvesting as a stochastic sequence. Ecological Applications, 21, 1604-1616.
  • Gaoue OG, Sack L, Ticktin T (2011). Human impacts on leaf economics in heterogeneous landscapes: the effect of harvesting non-timber forest products from African mahogany across habitats and climates. Journal of Applied Ecology, 48, 844-852.
  • Gaoue OG, Ticktin T (2010). Effects of harvest of nontimber forest products and ecological differences between sites on the demography of African mahogany. Conservation Biology 24, 605-614.
  • Gaoue OG, Ticktin T (2009). Fulani knowledge of the ecological impacts of Khaya senegalensis (Meliaceae) foliage harvest in Benin and its implications for sustainable harvest. Economic Botany 63, 256-270.
  • Gaoue OG, Ticktin T (2007). Patterns of harvesting non-timber forest product from the multipurpose tree Khaya senegalensis in Benin: variation across climatic regions and its impacts on population structure. Biological Conservation137, 424-436.