Nicole Hynson

Assistant Professor of Botany
Nicole Hynson

Nicole Hynson

PhD 2010, University of California Berkeley

Contact Information

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Research Interests

  • Community ecology
  • Plant-fungal interactions
  • Fungal biology and ecology
  • Invasion ecology of mycorrhizal fungi
  • Ecophysiology of mycorrhizal networks and mycoheterotrophic (fungus-feeder) plants
  • Evolution of mycoheterotrophy
  • Stable isotopes, molecular ecology, and fluorescent particle dynamics

Personal Statement

I study the ecological factors that shape plant and fungal communities. I employ a multifaceted approach to my research by using tools from molecular biology and ecophysiology in a range of settings from microcosms to field sites across continents. I am enthusiastic about teaching and mentoring and have a passion for the natural world, especially fungi.


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