George Wong

Associate Professor of Botany


George Wong

PhD 1983, University of California, Davis

Contact Information
Phone:(808) 956-3940

Graduate Faculty Memberships

Research Interests

  • Systematics of Basidiomycetes, i.e., Auriculariales, Agaricales, Gasteromycetes
  • Remediation of molds

Selected Publications

  • Landolt, J.C. and G.J. Wong. 1998. Dictyostelid Cellular Slime Molds from Hawai‘i. Pacific Science 52: 98-103.
  • Miller Jr., O.K., D. E. Hemmes, and G.J. Wong. 1996. Amanita marmorata subsp. myrtacearum – a new subspecies in Amanita section Phalloideae from Hawaii. Mycologia 88: 140-145.
  • Desjardin, D.E., G.J. Wong, D.E. Hemmes. 1992. Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands. I. Marasmioid fungi: new species, new distribution records and poorly known taxa. Canandian Journal of Botany 70: 530-542.