Anthony Amend

Associate Professor of Botany

Anthony Amend

Associate Professor of Botany
PhD 2008, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Contact Information

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Research Interests

  • Evolutionary and molecular ecology of symbiotic fungi
  • Plant microbe interactions
  • Large-scale patterns of biogeography
  • Community phylogenetics
  • Fungal biodiversity
  • Population genetics

Research Statement

Our lab studies the factors that shape diverse microbial communities, and why differences in these communities matter. We are particularly interested in studying symbiotic microbes (such as fungi that associate with plants and corals) and how these microbes mediate their hosts’ interactions with the environment. We are also interested in biogeography and how microbial distribution patterns compare to those of plants and animals. We work at spatial scales ranging from centimeters to continents, including the oceans between them.

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