XIX Pacific Science Congress
July 4-9, 1999
Sydney, Australia

At the Sydney meeting, a number of areas, ranging from the western continental to the eastern oceanic Pacific islands, were proposed as PABITRA sites.

Links are to the abstracts of the talks given in Sydney.

1 Roger Kitching Papua New Guinea Biodiversity Surveys: The DIWPA/PABITRA intersection.
2 Wayne Takeuchi with K. Kisokau and R. Kiapranis Plot-based PABITRA inventories. Preliminary considerations for projects in Papua New Guinea.
3 Chang-Hung Chou PABITRA sites for Long-Term Ecological Research in Taiwan.
4 Will McClatchey with M. Q. Sirikolo Terrestrial Biomes of Lauru in the Western Solomon Islands and PABITRA.
5 Randy Thaman with M. Tuiwawa Mt. Tomaniivi, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands: Rationale for establishment as a PABITRA site.
6 Art Whistler with James Atherton Savai`i, Western Samoa, as a PABITRA site.
7 Art Whistler Ta`u, American Samoa, as a PABITRA site.
8 Mark Merlin PABITRA and the terrestrial biomes of the Cook Islands.
9 Jean-Yves Meyer with Jacques Florence Mont Mauru, Tahiti (Society Islands) and Toovii Ridges, Nuku Hiva, (Marquesas Islands) proposed as PABITRA sites.
10 Harley Manner with Olivia Idechiil Initial site studies for PABITRA: Palau.
11 Bill Raynor Initial site studies for PABITRA: Pohnpei Island (Federated States of Micronesia).
12 Sam Gon III with Jim Juvik Initial site studies for PABITRA: Two sites in the Hawaiian Archipelago.
13 Lloyd Loope with Stephen Anderson, Robert Hobdy, Mark White, and Randy Bartlett The island of Maui, Hawaiian Islands, as a prospective PABITRA site.
14 Jim Juvik An evaluation of proposed Hawaiian study sites for PABITRA.
15 Yoshikazu Shimizu The Bonin Islands as a peripheral PABITRA site and a 20-year monitoring study of an endemic forest.

Additional contributions for PABITRA site studies were submitted by:

16 Margie Falanruw PABITRA from a Micronesian perspective, the Island of Yap.
17 David Burslem History of the Kolombangara ecological survey (Solomon Islands), with suggestions for collaboration within the PABITRA network.
18 Matheus Kilmakossu PT Freeport Concession Area and Lorentz National Park as a PABITRA site in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
19 Christoph Leuschner Ecosystem function along a natural biodiversity gradient on the tropical South Pacific Islands a contribution to PABITRA (in form of a proposal for finding from a German foundation).
20 Tod F. Stuessy, with Michael Kiehn and Josef Greimler Outline of a transect plan for the Juan Fernandez Islands to be included in the PABITRA project.
21 Syuzo Itow Vegetation transects for PABITRA in the Galapagos Islands and a proposal for measuring ecodiversity.
22 Peter Newell PABITRA the participation of Fiji and the regional university, The University of the South Pacific.
23 Randy Thaman The role of the University of the South Pacific and associated Fijian Institutions in the implementation of the PABITRA network.
24 Curtis Daehler with Debbie Carino PABITRA Bioinvasion Analysis: Threats of invasive plants to the conservation of biodiversity.
25 Michael Doyle Conservation status of the native gymnosperms in the PABITRA islands of the SW Pacific.


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