Plot-based PABITRA Inventories: Preliminary Considerations for Projects in Papua New Guinea

W. Takeuchi1, K. Kisokau2, and R. Kiapranis3

1c/o Lae National Herbarium, P.O. Box 314, Lae 411, Papua New Guinea
2Village Development Trust, P.O. Box 2397, Lae 411, Papua New Guinea
3Lae National Herbarium, P.O. Box 314, Lae 411, Papua New Guinea

A research plan is being implemented for acquiring floristic data from several of Papua New Guinea’s most ecologically critical areas. The information summaries to be developed from these studies are intended to assist indigenous agencies in devising rational management strategies for the areas in question, while simultaneously enhancing infrastructural capacity for supporting future initiatives. A site summary is presented for two ongoing projects in the Bowutu Mts. The following paper discusses the criteria employed in the site selections, and reviews available information on the area’s social environment, geology, meteorology/climate, soils, flora, and fauna. Maps and photographs are included as attachments.


Abstract from: XIX Pacific Science Congress, July 4-9, 1999, Sydney, Australia.

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