Mt. Tomaniivi, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands: Descriptions, Current Status of Information on Biodiversity and Rationale for Establishment as a PABITRA Site

R. R. Thaman and M. Tuiwawa

This paper provides a description of Mt. Tomaniivi and associated watersheds and downstream coastal and marine ecosystems, the proposed initial “gateway” Pacific-Asia Biodiversity Transect Network (PABITRA) site in the Fiji Islands. More specifically, it presents information on: 1) the geographical, geological, climatic and edaphic setting; 2) introductory information on the flora, fauna, vegetation and important ecosystems; 3) rationale for the selection of Mt. Tomaniivi over other sites in Fiji; 4) an evaluation of the existing scientific data and ongoing research on the flora, fauna and ecology of the site and other similar sites in Fiji; 4) governmental and institutional support for the establishment of the site and Fiji’s involvement in PABITRA; 5) existing scientific institutions and Support services available to facilitate collaborative multidisciplinary scientific research, both within the Mt. Tomaniivi site, and on other priority sites, that could contribute to the data base on and to a better understanding of the biodiversity inheritance of the Fiji of the Fiji Islands relative to other islands of archipelagos within PABITRA.

Aerial photography and maps of the site and a working bibliography on the site and the flora and biodiversity of Fiji are also included.


Abstract from: XIX Pacific Science Congress, July 4-9, 1999, Sydney, Australia.

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