Organization of PABITRA

PABITRA is a network of conservation scientists involved in the Pacific basin and its island regions.  The network evolved from the Pacific Science Association (PSA) Committee on Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Protection (ECEP), chaired by Dieter Mueller-Dombois since 1975 (the 13th PSA Congress in Vancouver).  In August 1999 (the 19th PSA Congress in Sydney), the ECEP became the Division for Ecosystem Conservation in the PSA Task Force on Biodiversity, and the PABITRA initiative its new program.  Currently, there are about 70 conservation professionals on the mailing list, but about 30 individuals working in different island areas and partnership institutions form the PABITRA Core Group.

PABITRA is connected to DIVERSITAS, the global program of biodiversity science, coordinated by IUBS (International Union of Biological Sciences) and UNESCO in Paris via DIWPA, DIVERSITAS in Western Pacific and Asia, coordinated by the Center for Ecological Research at Kyoto University.

The PABITRA office is connected to the University of Hawai`i Botany Department (  The Principal Coordinator is Dieter Mueller-Dombois and Annette Mueller-Dombois is the Executive Assistant (

Co-Principal Coordinators are:

Dr. Kim W. Bridges  (Honolulu, Hawai`i)
Dr. Curtis C. Daehler  (Honolulu, Hawai`i)
Prof. James O. Juvik  (Hilo, Hawai`i)
Dr. Lloyd Loope  (Makawao, Maui, Hawai`i)
Prof. Harley I. Manner  (Guam)
Dr. Will McClatchey  (Honolulu, Hawai`i)
Dr. Jean-Yves Meyer  (Tahiti)
Dr. Nacanieli (Nat) S. Tuivavalagi (Samoa)
Dr. Wayne Takeuchi  (Papua New Guinea)
Prof. Randy R. Thaman  (Fiji)
Mr. Marika Tuiwawa  (Fiji)

Other PABITRA core members are:

Dr. Allen Allison (Hawai`i)
Mr. James Atherton (Samoa)
Dr. Charles Birkeland (Hawai`i)
Dr. H. Jürgen Böhmer  (Germany)
Prof. Chang-Hung Chou  (Taiwan)
Dr. Neil Davies (Moorea)
Dr. Donald R. Drake (Honolulu)
Dr. Kathy Ewel  (Honolulu)
Dr. Marjorie V. C. Falanruw  (Yap, FSM)
Prof. Michael Fitzsimons (Louisiana)
Dr. Rosemary Gillespie  (Berkeley, CA)
Dr. Sam Gon III  (Honolulu)
Mr. Noah Idechong  (Belau)
Prof. em. Syuzo Itow  (Nagasaki)
Dr. James D. Jacobi  (Volcano, Hawai`i)
Dr. Kuswata Kartawinata  (Indonesia)
Mr. Gunnar Keppel (Fiji)
Dr. Michael Kiehn  (Austria)
Mr. Karol Kisokau  (Papua New Guinea)
Dr. Kanehiro Kitayama  (Kyoto, Japan)
Mr. Matheus S. E. Kilmaskossu  (Irian Jaya)
Dr. Roger Kitching  (Australia)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Leuschner  (Germany)
Prof. Mark D. Merlin  (Honolulu)
Mr. Alifereti Naikatini (Fiji)
Dr. Perry Ong  (Philippines)
Prof. Norma Orlido-Aguilar  (Philippines)
Prof. Dr. Richard Pott  (Germany)
Mr. Bill Raynor  (Pohnpei, FSM)
Prof. Yoshikazu Shimizu  (Japan)
Dr. Jatna Supriatna  (Indonesia)
Ms. Ana Tiraa (Cook Islands)
Dr. Edward L. Webb (Samoa)
Dr. W. Arthur Whistler  (Honolulu)


PABITRA/PSA liaison officers are:

Dr. Allen Allison
Dr. Lu. G. Eldredge

PABITRA/DIWPA liaison officers are:

Dr. Tohru Nakashizuka
Dr. Takakazu Yumoto

PABITRA/Roundtable Action Strategy liaison persons are:

Mr. Gaikovina R. Kula
Dr. Betsy McGean
Ms. Audrey Newman
Dr. Iosafetu Reti
Mr. Sam Sesega
Dr. Trevor Ward