October Field Meeting

Set up the PABITRA Gateway Site in Fiji

September 30 - October 8, 2000

9/30 Saturday Arrival in Suva, Fiji on the weekend
10/1 Sunday Trip to Makuluva Island to fringing reef with mangroves, the seaward end of the proposed upland/lowland transect. We can call it the Rewa River Transect of the proposed PABITRA Gateway Site.
10/2 Monday Indoor meeting onbackground, scope and methodology.
10/3 Tuesday Trip from lower Rewa River Delta (north of Suva) via Vunidawa to Navai Village near Mt. Tomaniivi traversing a number of ecosystems along the way.
10/4 Wednesday Climbing Mt. Tomaniivi through Fiji's upland rain forest.
10/5 Thursday Return to Suva.
10/6 Friday Indoor meeting discussing action strategy.
10/7 Saturday Half-day meeting to clear-up tasks and subsequent social gathering.
10/8 Sunday Depart from Fiji.

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