Pacific-Asia Biodiversity Transect

A new strategy: Combining the horizontal and vertical approaches to ecosystem studies and conservation

General Information PABITRA is a collaborative program for investigating the function of biodiversity and the health of ecosystems in the tropical Pacific Islands. Particular emphasis is put on the comparative analysis of indigenous upland and inland forests of the volcanic high islands and their role as ecological reserves and watersheds. Their function under the natural biogeographic restraints of isolation and their watershed services in relation to the various lowland ecosystems will become the principal focus of collaborative research.
  The PABITRA Methods Book, Biodiversity Assessment of Tropical Island Ecosystems is now available On-Line
Highlights The Pacific Science issue on "The PABITRA Project: Island Landscapes under Global Change" has now been published.

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Current Support Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) to Harley Manner (UoG)
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For more information, please contact: Dr. Dieter Mueller-Dombois
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