Botany 135, T. Th. 1:30-2:45 

           George Wong, St. John, 612B

Fall Semester, 2003

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           Office Hours: Th.,10-11 

Magical Mushrooms and Mystical Molds 


A Few Words About Fungi
08/26/03  Introduction, Grades, etc.
08/28/03 The Rotten World About Us (BBC Video Tape)
09/02/03 Fungal Diversity
09/04/03 How Fungi Get Their Name and How They Are Classified
09/09/03 How Do Fungi Get Around?
Fungi as Pathogens
09/11/03 Introduction to Plan Pathology, Irish Potato 
Famine, Downy Mildew of Grapes & Some 
Diseases of Trees 
09/16/03  Wheat, coffee and other rusts, and smuts
09/18/03 Field Trip: Plant Pathology Department
09/23/03  Fungi as Human Pathogens
09/25/03 Saprobic Activities of Fungi
09/30/03  Discovery of Mycotoxins and Common Examples  
10/02/03 Mycotoxins in the Work Place & Homes
10/07/03 Mycotoxins: Ergot of Rye
10/09/03 Mycotoxins: The Story of LSD
10/14/03 First Exam
Fungi in Food and Beverages
10/16/03 Yeast and Fermentation, Alcoholic Beverages: Beer, Wine, Liquor, etc.
10/21/03 How to Make Beer (Video)
10/23/03 Fungi and their role in manufacturing of food 
product: Bread, Cheese, Tofu, Tempe, Miso, etc.
10/28/03 No Lecture: Field Trip To Brewery and Winery 
10/30/03 Wild Edible Mushrooms 
11/04/03 Cultivation of Mushrooms and Other Fungi
11/06/03 Poisonous Mushrooms
Other Uses of Fungi
11/11/03 Mushrooms and Religion: Amanita muscaria
(The Fly Agaric)
11/13/03 Mushrooms and Religion:  Conocybe,  
Panaeolus, Psilocybe and Stropharia
11/18/03 The Story of Penicillin, Wonder Drug
11/20/03 Second Exam
11/25/03 The Aftermath of Penicillin
11/27/03  Holiday - Thanksgiving Day
12/02/03 Psychedelic Music & Art
12/04/03 Symbiotic Relationships: Fungi and Plants 
(Mycorrhizae), and Algae (Lichens)
12/09/03 Fungi and Animals
12/11/03 (Last Day of Class) Fungi as Bioherbicides, Bioinsecticides and 
12/18/03 (Thursday) Final Exam, 12:00 - 2:00

The all important grade

There will be two exams (25% each X 2 = 50%), mostly multiple choices, with a few short answers that are based mostly on my lectures and readings from the course web page. The final exam will not be cumulative, and will cover the lecture material starting from November 27. The value of the final exam will be the same (25%) as one of the semester exams. A term paper (25%) will be done on some topic of your choosing having to do with some aspect of fungi. The topic does not necessarily have to be a topic that we will be covering this semester. You can select any topic that you feel will be of interest. However, before starting your paper check with me to be certain that the topic will be appropriate. Please try to decide on a topic and discuss it with me as soon as possible. The paper should be between 8-12 pages and have a detailed bibliography. 

Extra Credit: The weekend field trips listed above are optional. Each field trip that you go on will be worth 2% of an exam (=2 points). Read a short story or novel in which fungi play an integral part to the plot and write a critical review. Credit will be dependent upon whether it is a short story or a novel.