Daneille Frohlich
Chelsie Javar
Huang-chi Kuo
Courtney Angelo
Shahin Ansari (PhD, 2007)
"Population Dynamics, Life history Variation and Impact of Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) on the Island of Hawaii"

Tobias Koehler (MS, 2007)
"Lessons from Tropical Wetlands: Vegetation Changes at Kawai Nui Marsh"

Elizabeth Cody (MS, 2006)
"Germination and Early Growth of Five Native Hawaiian Coastal Species and Invasive Batis maritima in Response to Salinity and Flooding"

Stephanie Joe (MS, 2006)
"Impact of Alien Slugs on Native Plant Seedlings in a Diverse Mesic Forest, O'ahu, Hawai'i, with Notes on Slug Food Preference"

Rhonda Loh (PhD, 2004)
"Early Plant Establishment Following Experimental Removal of Invasive Morella Faya (Ait.) Wilbur Stands in a Hawaiian Forest"

Misuko Yorkston (MS, 2004)
"Experimental Hybridization between Mountain and Coastal Forms of Sida fallax Walp., and between S. fallax and S. rhombifolia L. (Malvaceae)"

Lauren Weisenberger (MS, 2003)
"Effects of soil disturbance on root colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and growth of native and invasive plants"

Mindy Wilkinson (PhD, 2003)
"Changes in growth and survival of three co-occuring grass species in response to mycorrhizae, fire and drought"

Elizabeth Stampe (MS, 2001)
"Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Species on Plant Community Structure and Invasion"

Robert Anderson (MS, 2000)
"Pathological and ecological investigation of the dieback and mortality of Acacia koa forests in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park"

Erin Goergen (MS, 1999)
"Factors affecting seed production and seedling recruitment in a
native and an invasive, alien grass in Hawaii"

Debbie Carino (MS, 1998)
"Competitive ability, susceptibility to invasion, and genetic variation of pili grass (Heteropogon contortus)"

Daehler Lab Alumni
Lei Day
K. Bridges
Left to right: Kou (current), Koehler ('07), Daehler, Ansari ('07), Joe ('06), Weisenberger ('03)
Danielle Frohlich (MS, 2009)
'Effects of Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum) Management Strategies on the Demographics of Tropical Dry Forest Plant Communities"
Chelsie Javar (MS, 2009)
"Impacts of feral sheep to the vegetation communities of North Kona, Hawai'i"
Huang-chi Kuo (PhD, 2010)
"Plant-fungus-beetle interactions: case studies in Hawaiian endemic Xyleborus species and the black twig borer"
Christoph Kueffer
Gabi Jakobs
Alexandre Sampiao
Mark Gardener
Courtney Angelo (PhD, 2012)
"Drivers and mechanisms determining C4 and C3 grass distributions under current and future climates in Hawaii"
Alexandre Sampiao
Post-doctoral fellow