Psidium cattleianum Sabine
strawberry guava

This medium-sized tree forms dense thickets, later forming forests under which very few other plants grow. It is the worst pest in Hawai'i's rain forests. It is favored by pigs which move into infested areas during the fruiting season in the fall. The seeds pass through digestive tracts unharmed and are often deposited in soil disturbed by pigs (Diong 1983). Alien frugivorous birds also disperse the seed, often in areas without soil disturbance. In this case, infestations spread very slowly. Adaptation to fire is unknown. The prospects for biological control are slim because the commercial exploitation of the common guava would require rigorous species specificity of the control agent. However, the extent of the infestation of this species precludes any other approach. Some preliminary studies are underway in Brazil. Biological Control

Strawberry guava is found on all major islands between 150-1,300 m, principally in rain forest habitats.

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