Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) I. Nielsen
[Albizia falcataria (L.) Fosb.]
Molucca albizia

This elegant, deciduous tree with wide-spreading branches is used as a shade plant for coffee in many parts of the world. It grows very rapidly even on nutrient-poor soils. It is not known how the large seeds are dispersed, although man was initially the principal disseminator when seeds were sown from aircraft. It is not susceptible to control by fire because the trees are rarely subjected to fires of sufficient intensity. The potential for biological control has not been evaluated.

It grows from sea level to 1,500 m elevation but is most common in mesic, lowland areas. It is common in windward O'ahu, in the Mililani area and above Lualualei, O'ahu, and in upper Wailua, Kaua'i. It is still planted as an ornamental and in forest plantations in Hawai'i.

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