Myrica faya Aiton
fayatree, firetree

This rapidly growing, noxious, evergreen tree, reaching up to 15 m in height, invades mesic and wet habitats where it forms dense, monotypic stands. The leaves are suspected of some allelopathic activity. The fruit is dispersed by alien and native frugivorous birds (La Rosa 1983) and feral pigs (C. Stone, pers. comm.). Trees are normally killed by fire, although regeneration from basal sprouts is possible. It has been and still is being evaluated for biological control (Gardner and Davis 1982). Exploration for potential biological control agents was made in 1984.

Myrica grows between 300-1,700 m elevation. The principal infestations are in Koke'e, Kaua'i; Wai'anae Mts., O'ahu; lower Kula, Maui; Kolele, Lana'i; and Hamakua, Hualalai, and Volcano Golf Course and Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai'i.

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