Melaleuca quinquenervia (Cav.) S. T. Blake
[Melaleuca leucadendron sensu auct., non L.]

This evergreen tree reaches heights of 12 m and has been planted extensively in reforestation projects. It invades open swampy areas. The leaves appear to have allelopathic activity, probably of a similar nature to that of other members of the Myrtaceae. The seeds are dispersed by wind. Like many other members of its family, it is adapted to fire, which generally results in an intensification of the infestation. It has not been evaluated for biological control. Studies sponsored by the state of Florida are about to be initiated in N.E. Australia.

Paperbark infests wet habitats between 100-1,000 m. The principal infestations are above Kalaheo, Kaua'i; in the Ko'olau Mountains, O'ahu; and in the Metrosideros dieback area on the north slope of Haleakala, Maui.

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