Hedychium gardnerianum Ker-Gawl.
kahili ginger

This showy ginger grows just over 1 m tall. Each plant grows rapidly by stolons, displacing all other plants. The conspicuous, fleshy, red seeds are dispersed by alien, and perhaps native, frugivorous birds as well as man. Adaptation to fire is unknown, but unless the fire is intense enough to harm the rhizomes, it will recover. Gardner and Davis (1982) discussed the potential for biological control of this species but noted the almost certain opposition from horticulturists to any move in this direction.

The plant grows in wet habitats on all islands between sea level and 1,700 m. There are major infestations at Koke'e, Kaua'i; Nahiku, Maui; and Volcano, Hawai'i.

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