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Guaiacum officinale, lignum vitae. Small ornamental tree or shrub from Central America. The hard wood, denser than water, is used for mallets and bowling balls, and yields a resin that is used in medicine, stain, and a chemical indicator.
Guaiacum sanctum, lignum vitae, Foster Botanic Garden, Honolulu, April, 2004.
Larrea tridentata, creosote bush, Sabino Canyon, AZ, May 21, 2005.
Tribulus terrestris, puncture vine. Noxious, often roadside vine from the Mediterranean region. The fruits are woody, and when mature, will easily penetrate bicycle tires.
Tribulus cistoides, nohu, nohuhohu, caltrop, 1 - Queen's Beach, O'ahu, 2 - Kaena Point, O'ahu.

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