Wilkesia hobdyi St. John

Dwarf iliau

Freely branching decumbent to erect (< 7dm high) shrub with stout stems crowned by rosetted leaves. Diagnostic features of the species include free branching of the stem axis near ground level, leaves in whorls of 7-9 that join to form a basal sheath around the stem, and mostly unbranched peduncles. Flowering has been observed in June, September, October, and December.

This rare and endangered species occurs only on Kaua'i, restricted largely to the very dry ridges of Polihale and Ka'awe'iki at elevations ranging from about 275-400 m. It is found in sites receiving about 75-100 cm precipitation per year.

Last Modification: March 28, 2000

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Flowering plant on nearly vertical cliff face of Polihale Ridge, note each branch flowers and dies back to main axis independently of others (photo 1982)
Closer view of plant above.
Note branching plant on nearly vertical cliff face (James Hickman looking on).
Flowering axis, note peduncles unbranched (Polihale Ridge) (photo 1980)
A single flowering head showing glandular hairs and lack of ray florets (Polihale Ridge) (photo 1980)
Front view of flowering head.

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