The Thelypteridaceae are terrestrial ferns comprising 1-several genera and 900 species concentrated in the tropics but with some temperate representatives. The sporophyte consists of commonly upright rhizomes that often give rise to tufts of pinnate leaves. The rhizomes also typically bear scales and many fibrous roots. Tiny, but rather conspicuous needle-like bristles are found on the leaves, especially along the veins of the lower leaf surface. A cross-section near the base of a leaf petiole reveals two linear, converging vascular bundles that merge into a single "v" or "u" - shaped bundle in the distal portion of the petiole or leaf axis. The sporangia are generally in round sori, each covered with a kidney-shaped indusium.

the_glos.jpg (14422 bytes) Amauropelta globulifera, palapalai a kamapua'a, above Pahala, Hawai'i, endemic.
Christella boydiae, kupukupu makali'i, endemic.
Christella dentata, naturalized in Hawaii.
Christella sp.
pne_sans.jpg (11435 bytes) pne_san_sors.jpg (13845 bytes) pne_san_cus.jpg (10591 bytes)
Pneumatopteris sandwicensis, ho'i'o kula, 1 - Ka'ala, O'ahu, 2,3 - Saddle Road, Hawai'i, endemic to Hawaii.
pse_ker_habs.jpg (12409 bytes) pse_ker_lfs.jpg (13247 bytes)
Pseudophegopteris keraudreniana, waimakanui, ala'alai, 'akolea, 1 - above Pahala, Hawai'i, 2 - Keauho Ranch, Hawai'i, endemic to Hawaii.

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