Hawaiian Native Plant Genera - Caryophyllaceae



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Schiedea adamantis. This is one of several species in this Hawaiian endemic genus. The species show an interesting evolutionary modification toward the dioecious condition. The plant in the 3rd photo has flowers that are perfect while the plants in the 4th and 5th photos are functionally female with very reduced stamens (staminodes) and well-developed pistils. Note the three well developed styles on each pistil. Diamond Head, O'ahu, endemic genus.
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Schiedea globosa, flowers functionally unisexual or sometimes perfect, 1 - Koko Crater, O'ahu, 2,3 - Makap'u, O'ahu, endemic genus.
Schiedea hawaiiensis. These photos, taken between 2007 and 2014 at Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) on Hawaii Island, depict different stages in the life cycle of the species. Credits go to PTA Natural Resources Office (NRO) staff.  Endangered Species!
Schiedea hookeri, flowers perfect,  Makaha-Waianae Kai Ridge, O'ahu, endemic genus.
Schiedea kaalae, flowers perfect, 1,3 - Pahole Gulch, O'ahu, 2 - cultivated, from Kalua'a Gulch, 4 - O'ahu, endemic genus.
sch_kea_mids.jpg (9580 bytes) sch_kea_fs.jpg (11793 bytes) sch_kea_ms.jpg (10758 bytes)
Schiedea kealiae, flowers functionally unisexual, 1-9 - Kealia Trail, O'ahu, endemic genus.
Schiedea ligustrina, flowers unisexual, 1-3 - Palawai ridge top, endemic genus.
Schiedea lychnoides/viscosum, flowers perfect,  kuawawaenohu, 1-3 - Alakai, Kaua'i, endemic. (formerly Alsinidendron)
Schiedea mannii,  flowers unisexual, 1-3 - Ohikilolo Ridge, O'ahu, endemic genus.
Schiedea nuttallii, flowers perfect, 1,2 - Ekahunui Gulch, O'ahu, endemic genus.
Schiedea obovata, perfect flowers, endemic genus. (formerly Alsinidendron)
sch_pubs.jpg (7170 bytes)
Schiedea pubescens, flowers reportedly perfect but 4th photo suggests otherwise, Palehua-Palikea Trail, O'ahu, endemic genus.
Schiedea trinervis, perfect flowers, Mt. Ka'ala, O'ahu. (formerly Alsinidendron)
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Schiedea verticillata, flowers perfect, Nihoa, endemic genus.

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