Raillardella Benth. & Hook.

Last Addition: July 26, 2000.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Raillardella includes three montane, rhizomatous, more or less scapose,  perennial species with leaves mostly clustered at base of plant.  Heads mostly solitary, discoid or radiate, phyllaries 0-13, equaling the number of ray florets, more or less enfolding the ray ovaries; ray flowers pistillate, the corollas yellow to orange or reddish, very conspicuous when present, usually deeply 3-lobed; receptacular chaff peripheral, uniseriate, free or more or less coalesced into a cylindrical, false involucre; disk florets perfect, the corollas yellow to reddish; anthers yellow to dark amber; cypselae usually straight, more or less cylindric, ascending-hairy, black; pappus of 8-30 flat, ciliate-plumose bristles 6-14 mm long (sometimes absent on ray cypselae).  Chromosome numbers of n = 17, 18, 34, and 35 have been reported for the genus.

rla_arg_mids.jpg (10404 bytes) rla_arg_hds.jpg (9689 bytes)
R. argentea, 1,2, near Pyramid Peak, Sierra Nevada, CA.; 3,4, cultivated.
rla_pri_mids.jpg (10793 bytes) rla_pri_hds.jpg (8983 bytes)
R. pringlei, 1, Gumbood MEadows, Scott Mts., CA., 2,3, cultivated
rla_sca_habs.jpg (9527 bytes) rla_sca_hds.jpg (11216 bytes)
R. scaposa1, Timberline Station, near Tioga Pass, CA., 2,3, cultivated.

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