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Dovyalis hebecarpa, Ceylon gooseberry.  (Previously as Flacourtiaceae)
Flacourtia indica, governor's plum. (Previously as Flacourtiaceae)
Oncoba kraussiana. (Previously as Flacourtiaceae)
Oncoba spinosa (Previously as Flacourtiaceae)
Populus tremuloides, quaking aspen.
Populus alba., white poplar.
Salix sp., willow, vic. Mt. Hood, OR, 2002.
Salix sp., willow.
Salix sp., willow. Inflorescence (catkin or ament) of female flowers, note insect pollinator.
Salix sp., willow. Catkins of male flowers.
Salix sp., willow. Male flowers.
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Xylosma hawaiiense, maua, a'e, 4,5, female flowers, 6-10 - male flowers, 7 - Pohakuao, Kaua'i, 3 - O'ahu, the rest - Auwahi, Maui, endemic. (Previously as Flacourtiaceae)

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