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dra_mar_fls.jpg (12208 bytes) Dracaena marginata, money tree, dracaena. Candelabra shrub from Madagascar, with slender, woody stems and tufts of sword-like leaves at the tips. If you plant this by your house, you want the branches to lean toward the walls because supposedly then the money will flow in. 
Liriope cf. muscari "variegata", variegated lily turf.
Maianthemum dilatatum, wild lily-of-the-valley, Alsea Falls, OR, 2002..
Maianthemum racemosus, large false Solomon's seal, Alsea Falls, OR, 2002.
Maianthemum stellatum, small false Solomon's seal, Alsea Falls, OR, 2002..
Pleomele aurea, hala pepe, le'ie, endemic.
Pleomele auwahiensis, hala pepe. Hawaiian endemic.
Pleomele forbesii, hala pepe. Hawaiian endemic.
Sansevieria sp., mother-in-law's tongue.

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