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ant_plas.jpg (16603 bytes)
Antidesma platyphyllum, ; hame, ha'a, ha'amaile, hamehame, mehame, mehamehame; bottom 1,2 - female, 3,4 - male; O'ahu, endemic.
flu_neo_chls.jpg (13302 bytes) flu_neo_mids.jpg (13590 bytes) flu_neo_fls.jpg (12614 bytes)
Flueggea neowawraea, mehamehame, 5,6 - Kalalau Valley, Kaua'i, 7,8 - Pohakuao, Kaua'i, 9 - O'ahu, endemic.
Phyllanthus acidus, Otaheite gooseberry.
Phyllanthus debilis, niruri. In the second photo, two open male flowers can be seen on the left and three open female flowers are on the right. Small stipules are also visible.
phy_diss.jpg (8952 bytes)
Phyllanthus distichus, pamakani mahu, pamakani, endemic.

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