Pedicularis is a circumpolar genus of the snapdragon family (Scrophulariaceae) consisting of perhaps 500 hemiparasitic species that produce haustorial connections upon contact with roots of surrounding host plants. There is no known host specificity. With a few exceptions, species of lower latitudes are restricted to high elevations. Aside from being a partial parasite, the genus is of considerable biological interest because of the extreme variation in floral morphology that is correlated with very specific mechanisms of pollination by diverse species of insects, and in a few instances, hummingbirds. An attempt will be made here to assemble photographs of as many species possible, especially of those native to North America. Contributions of suitable images will be welcomed.

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Gerald D. Carr, except as otherwise noted.


Species Gallery

P. acaulis P. densiflora P. lanceolata P. recutita
P. angustifolia P. dudleyi P. lapponica P. rosea
P. ascendens P. flammea P. longiflora P. rostrato-spicata
P. attollens P. flava P. oederi P. sceptrum-carolinum
P. bracteosa P. grandiflora P. ornithorhyncha P. semibarbarta
P. canadensis P. groenlandica P. palustris P. striata
P. cenisia P. gyroflexa P. parryi P. sudetica
P. centranthera P. hirsuta P. procera P. sylvatica
P. comosa P. howellii P. pulchella P. tripinnata
P. contorta P. kanei P. pyrenaica P. tristis
P. cystopteridifolia P. kerneri P. racemosa P. tuberosa
Home P. lanata P. rainierensis P. verticillata