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Spathodea campanulata, Bignoniaceae, African tulip tree. Large tree from tropical Africa, with very large red-orange, cup-shaped flowers. Probably introduced to Hawaii by William Hillebrand from Madagascar and first planted on his estate (now site of Foster Garden) and on Punahou. Later, Joseph Rock brought it in from Java. Location: Ewa of Kuykendall; mauka of Miller; mauka of Faculty Housing, Ewa side.
Spermacoce assurgens, Rubiaceae, buttonweed. An herbaceous weed from Florida to South America, with clusters of tiny white or pinkish flowers between the upper, paired leaves. Location: Disturbed areas or weedy flower beds and lawns.
Stemmadenia littoralis, Apocynaceae, lecheso. Small ornamental tree from Central America with paired oval leaves about 6 inches long and yellow-centered white tubular flowers about 2 inches or more in length. Location: In "moat" along mauka and Diamond Head sides of Hamilton.
Stenocarpus sinuatus, Proteaceae, firewheel tree. Tree from Australia with pinwheel clusters of bright red flowers. Location: Diamond Head of Webster, near mauka-Ewa corner of Edmonson.
Stephanotis floribunda, Asclepiadaceae, stephanotis, pua-male. Woody vine from Madagascar, often grown as a trellis plant. Sometimes the clusters of waxy-white, tubular flowers (pua) are worn by brides ("male" meaning marriage). Location: Trellis Ewa of Student Services Center.
Sterculia foetida, Sterculiaceae, skunk tree, Java olives. Tree from Old World tropics with skunk-scented flowers and large, 1 - 5-parted attractive scarlet fruits and oblong black seeds about an inch long. The seeds are oily, tasty, and are eaten raw or roasted. Location: Between Sinclair Library and University Ave; Makai-Ewa corner of George Hall.
Stigmaphyllon floribundum, Location: on fence between Mid-Pac and UH Campus, Ewa of Biomed.
sti_cil_cus.jpg (10995 bytes) Stigmaphyllon sp., Malpighiaceae, golden vine. An ornamental woody vine from tropical America, with very conspicuous clusters of bright yellow flowers, and fruits with one to three wings. Location: Mauka-Diamond Head corner of fence by Castle Memorial Hall.
Strelitzia nicolai, Strelitziaceae, white bird of paradise. Small tree from S. Africa, with leaves resembling those of a banana. Flowers large and white with a conspicuous blue "tongue." Location: Near flagpole at Bachman.
Strelitzia reginae, Strelitziaceae bird of paradise. Short plant from S. Africa, with banana-like leaves up to 0.5 m long; flowers bright orange with a blue "tongue." Location: Mauka of Bachman; mauka of Sinclair.
Swietenia mahagoni, Meliaceae, mahogany. Tree from tropical America, commonly planted as an ornamental but the hard, heavy, dark red wood is highly valued for furniture, interior finishing, musical instruments, and shipbuilding. Normal orientation of the fruits is erect on upturned branch tips.  The capsules open from the proximal end.  Location: Between Moore and Hamilton; mauka of Holmes; Diamond Head of Sakamaki.
Symphytum officinale, Boraginaceae, comfrey.  Location: St. John Courtyard.
Synedrella nodiflora, Asteraceae, nodeweed. Erect annual weed from tropical America with opposite leaves and tiny yellow-flowered heads in small clusters between the leaves. Location: Weedy disturbed areas; flower beds mauka-Diamond Head of Hamilton.  Easily confused with the more delicate and diminutive prostrate lawnflower, Calyptocarpus vialis, also very common on campus.
  Syngonium podophyllum, Araceae, arrowhead vine. Climbing or creeping plant from Mexico to Panama with large, 5-9-segmented leaves. Rarely flowers in Hawaii but provides a good ground cover under low light conditions; Porteus. Location: St. John courtyard.
Syzygium cumini, Myrtaceae, Java plum, jambolan plum. Tree from E. Indies and Burma, with white flowers and purple to black, globose, edible fruit. Location: Mauka of Biomed; Manoa Str., Diamond Head of Hale Aulima.

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