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Picea sitchensis Balsamorhiza sagittata Pedicularis racemosa Fritillaria recurva Fritillaria gentneri Fritillaria affinis Adenocaulon bicolor Ribes roezlii var. cruentum

Adiantum aleuticum

    The goal of this site is to present high resolution images to assist in the identification and appreciation of the flora of Oregon.  A very large proportion of the species in the Oregon flora are also found in adjacent areas in the western United States; some are even more widely distributed.  Thus, to this extent, the information presented here will have relevance to a broader audience.  Some of the images presented here were taken outside of Oregon and serve as proxies in those instances where images of corresponding Oregon specimens are not (yet) available.  Although the focus is on native species, images of species that are naturalized (or exotic) in Oregon are also included.
    In addition to assistance with the identification of Oregon plant species, the high resolution images of floral features presented here comprise instructional aids of general value for systematics courses that are concerned with plant family concepts and characteristics. Use of these images for such instructional efforts is highly encouraged.
    This site is in active development and images will be added continuously as they are accumulated and processed for posting.  Although some of the earlier images are derived from scans of 35 mm transparencies, those of recent growing seasons were captured with Nikon digital cameras (Coolpix 990, 4500, Nikon D70s, Nikon D90, Nikon D7000, and most recently a Nikon D7200 equipped with macro lens and wireless speedlight).  The development of this site has been greatly augmented by images contributed by my fellow systematic botanist and brother, Dr. Robert L. Carr, Emeritus Professor of Biology, EWU.  You are invited to visit his web site focused on E WA Plants.
    Plant family concepts followed here are basically those of Angiosperm Phylogeny Group III (2009).  This family classification has also been adopted for the Oregon Vascular Plant Checklist  posted by the OSU Oregon Flora Project. In addition to the Checklist, the OFP site offers a wealth of information about the Oregon Flora not found here, including a Plant Atlas and additional images. Anyone with an interest in the Oregon flora should definitely visit the OFP web site and revel in the publication of FLORA of OREGON Volume 1: Ptridophytes, Gymnosperms, and Monocots (BRIT Press, 2015).  
    As this effort is proceeding in concert with the OFP, species and lower taxon concepts and nomenclature mostly mirror the OFP Checklist. Following the OFP Checklist, this site now recognizes three status categories: 1) native (N); 2) exotic, naturalized (XN); and 3) exotic, not naturalized (XNN).  Names of subspecific taxa do not appear in the indices.  However, the genus index now includes columns showing the status, common name, and number of taxa imaged for each species.

Gerald D. Carr  These materials are freely provided for instructional and educational purposes. Any duplication or publication of text or images herein for commercial gain without explicit written permission of the owner or photographer constitutes breach of trust and violation of copyright.

Last updated 4/29/2018 -- species count: 2733 [2164 native, 569 exotic (513 naturalized)] -- additional subspecific taxa 203 -- total number of taxa 2936 -- image count 26370

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