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Gymnosperm Images Indexed By Genus

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Last Modification November 7, 2017

Species Status # Taxa Imaged Common Name

Abies concolor grandis

N 1 California white fir

Abies  grandis

N 1 grand fir

Abies procera

N 1 noble fir

Callitropsis nootkatensis

N 1 Alaska-cedar

Calocedrus decurrens

N 1 incense-cedar

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

N 1 Port Orford cedar

Ephedra nevadensis

N 1 Nevada ephedra

Ephedra viridis

N 1 green ephedra

Hesperocyparis macrocarpa

XNN 1 Monterey cypress

Juniperus communis

N 1 mountain juniper

Juniperus occidentalis

N 1 western juniper

Juniperus scopulorum

N 1 Rocky Mountain juniper

Larix occidentalis

N 1 western larch

Picea engelmannii

N 1 Engelmann spruce

Picea sitchensis

N 1 Sitka spruce

Pinus albicaulis

N 1 whitebark pine

Pinus attenuata

N 1 knobcone pine

Pinus contorta+

N 2 lodgepole & shore pine

Pinus jeffreyi

N 1 Jeffrey pine

Pinus lambertiana

N 1 sugar pine

Pinus monticola

N 1 western white pine

Pinus ponderosa

N 1 ponderosa pine

Pinus sabiniana

N 1 gray pine

Pseudotsuga menziesii+

N 2 Coast & Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir

Sequoia sempervirens

N 1 redwood

Taxus brevifolia

N 1 Pacific yew

Thuja plicata

N 1 western redcedar

Tsuga heterophylla

N 1 western hemlock

Tsuga mertensiana

N 1 mountain hemlock

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