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Couroupita guianensis, cannonball tree. Tree from Guiana with large, fragrant flowers borne on long tangled stems on main trunk below the foliage branches. Fruits spherical, the size of cannon balls.
Lecythis minor, monkeypot nuts. Trees from South America with generally large woody (circumscissile) capsules that open with a lid to reveal large seeds ("nuts"), for example, the paradise nut is L. zabucajo. The Brazil nut is in the related genus Bertholletia.
Barringtonia asiatica, barringtonia, fish-poison tree. Handsome tree from the south Pacific with large white flowers that open in the evening and fall in the morning. The poisonous fibrous fruit contains seeds that are grated and used to catch fish by poisoning them.
Gustavia superba.
Napoleana heudelotii.

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