Lagophylla Nutt.

Last Addition: July 26, 2000.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Lagophylla consists of four annual species ranging from E Washington and W Idaho S to N and W Nevada and San Diego County, California.  Plants 1-15 dm high.  Heads radiate, vespertine; phyllaries 5, each full folded around a ray ovary; receptacular chaff scales 5, forming a ring between ray and disk florets, weakly fused; ray florets pistillate, the corollas yellow, red-veined, often aging purplish; disk florets 6, functionally staminate, the corollas yellow; anthers black; cypselae (ray) obcompressed; pappus absent. The chromosome number is n = 7.

Lagophylla glandulosa
Lagophylla minor, near Middletown, CA.

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