Kyhosia B. G. Baldwin

Last Addition: December 7, 1999.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Kyhosia is a monotypic, rhizomatous, perennial genus with mostly basal leaves and large, radiate flowering heads.  Plants 5-12 dm high, strongly scented.  Heads radiate; phyllaries 8-12, densely glandular, each more or less completely enveloping a ray ovary; receptacular bracts restricted to a ring encircling the disk florets at the periphery of the head; ray florets pistillate, the corollas yellow; disk florets 30-65, perfect, the corollas yellow; anthers dark purple; ray and disk cypselae somewhat similar, 5-9 mm long, straight to arcuate, weakly 5-ridged; ray pappus absent or comprising a minute crown of subulate scales; disk pappus of 5-10 broadly lanceolate to subulate, ciliate to ciliate-plumose scales about 2-5 mm long.  The chromosome number is n = 6.

mad_bol_habs.jpg (9214 bytes) mad_bol_hds.jpg (8676 bytes) mad_bol_hd2s.jpg (9975 bytes)
K. bolanderi.  1 - Note basal concentration of leaves.  2 - Note glandular, campanulate involucre.  3 - Note deeply 3-lobed rays.

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