Holocarpha (DC.) Greene

Last Addition: July 26, 2000.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Holocarpha includes four strongly scented, densely glandular, annual species found in the San Francisco Bay area and within and around the perimeter of  the Central Valley of California.  Plants 1-12 dm high.  Heads radiate; phyllaries 3-16, each half-enclosing a ray ovary, beset with stoutly-stalked pit-glands; receptacle chaffy, most disk florets with an associated scale; ray flowers pistillate, the corollas yellow; disk flowers 9-90, mostly functionally staminate, the corollas yellow, the anthers black or yellow; ray cypselae short-beaked, epappose; disk cypselae (when present) more or less club-shaped, epappose.  Chromosome numbers of n = 4, 5, and 6 have been reported for the genus but the n = 5 report may stem from the presence of supernumerary chromosomes.

H. heermannii
H. macradenia, greenhouse grown.
hol_virs.jpg (9980 bytes)
H. virgata, far left, portion of flowering shoot; near left, capitulum in bud stage, note distribution of receptacular bracts.

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