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Hernandia ovigera, hernandia. Named after Francisco Hernand (1514-1578), a Spanish botanist who was highly paid for his research into American natural history, but whose labor did not yield fruits equal to the expenditure (compare the fruits of Hernandia). Handsome tree native to the East Indies, sometimes used for canoes. The seeds can be burned like kukui but with the production of much smoke.  1 - habit, 2 - leaf and fruit, 3,4 - fruit, smaller than expected, is found inside the inflated green (later pink) sphere, 5 - female flower, 6 - female flower, 7 - side view of open male flower and bud of female flower, note inferior ovary with sheathing connate bracteoles that eventually become the inflated sphere containing the fruit, 8 - male flower, note glands at base of filaments similar to those in Lauraceae.
Hernandia sp., notice the anthers opening by flaps similar to Lauraceae.  Ho'omaluhia Botanic Gardens, Kaneohe, HI, fall 2003.

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