Hemizonia DC.

Last Addition: July 26, 2000.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Hemizonia comprises a single polymorphic annual species with six recognized subspecies ranging from SW Oregon S through the Coast Ranges and Central Valley to S California. Plants 1-8 dm tall.  Heads radiate; phyllaries 5-13, each half-enclosing a ray ovary; chaff scales scattered, fused at base, falling with the disk flowers; ray florets pistillate, the corollas yellow or more often white; disk florets functionally staminate, epappose, the corollas white to yellow, the anthers black; cypselae (ray) beakless, epappose.  The chromosome number is n = 14; reports of n = 12 and n = 16 are considered erroneous.

H. congesta subsp. calyculata
H. congesta subsp. luzulifolia, Sugarloaf State Park, Sonoma Co., CA.

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