Hemizonella A. Gray

Last Addition: July 26, 2000.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Hemizonella is a monotypic genus of diminutive, slender plants found from British Columbia and N Idaho S to San Diego County, California.  Plants 2-15 cm high. Heads radiate; phyllaries 3-5, each loosely enfolding a ray ovary; receptacular chaff in one strongly fused peripheral series; ray flowers inconspicuous, pistillate, the corolla yellow; disk flowers1-2,  perfect, the corollas yellow; anthers yellow; ray cypselae obcompressed,  more or less arcuate, beaked, epappose; disk cypselae club-shaped, epappose.  The chromosome number is n = c.21-22.

H. minima.

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