Harmonia B. G. Baldwin

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Harmonia is a genus of four annual species occurring in the region from Trinity County S to N San Francisco Bay.  Plants 5-26 (-40) cm high.  Heads radiate;  phyllaries 3-8, each completely enveloping a ray ovary; receptacular chaff scales not persistent, forming a ring encircling the disk florets, the margins free or weakly fused; ray florets pistillate, the corollas bright yellow, sometimes with a reddish basal "eyespot"; disk florets 7-30, perfect or functionally staminate, the corollas yellow; anthers yellow; ray cypselae clavate, beakless to distinctly beaked, epappose or provided with rudimentary scales < 1 mm long; disk achenes clavate, the pappus of 7-10 lance-attenuate to subulate, fimbriate or ciliate-plumose scales 0.2 - 4 mm long.  The chromosome number is n = 9.

H. doris-nilesiae, cultivated.
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H. hallii, a rare species found on barren serpentine soils of the North Coast Range, CA.
mad_nut_mids.jpg (9416 bytes) har_nut_mid2s.jpg (10214 bytes) mad_nut_hds.jpg (10751 bytes)
H. nutans, 1-3, Ida Clayton Rd., Mayacamas Mts., Napa Co., CA.; 4-6, cultivated.
H. stebbinsii, 1, Trinity Co., CA.; 2,3, cultivated.

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