Hawaiian Native Plant Genera - Asteraceae

Dubautia Gaudich.

BB or BV

*Argyroxiphium, Dubautia, and Wilkesia are apparently derived from a single colonization by an allopolyploid  intergeneric hybrid of North American affinity.

Dubautia is an endemic Hawaiian genus of 26 perennial species occurring on the major islands of the archipelago.  Scandent subshrubs, shrubs, trees, and lianas; height to 8 m, girth to 5 dm, the leaves alternate, opposite, or whorled.  Heads discoid, phyllaries 0; receptacular chaff scales scattered throughout the head or forming a ring encircling the disk florets, the margins sometimes fused into a cup-like false involucre; disk florets mostly 2-45, perfect, the corollas white or yellow, sometimes purplish-tinged; anthers dark purplish black to dark amber or in three species apparently pale yellow; disk cypselae 2-6.5 mm long, glabrous to hispid or sericeous, the pappus symmetrically developed, consisting of 8-28 uniseriate paleae or aristae 1-7 mm long, these very shortly laciniate-ciliate or ciliate or ascending-setose with setae 0.5-1 mm long.  Chromosome numbers  n = 13, 14.

Gallery of Species

D. arborea

D. carii

D. ciliolata

D. hanaulaensis

D. herbstobatae

D. kalalauensis

D. imbricata

D. kenwoodii

D. knudsenii

D. laevigata

D. latifolia

D. laxa

D. linearis

D. menziesii

D. microcephala

D. paleata

D. pauciflorula

D. plantaginea

D. platyphylla

D. raillardioides

D. reticulata

D. scabra

D. sherffiana

D. syndetica

D. waialealae

D. waianapanapaensis



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