Dubautia syndetica G. Carr & Lorence

Dubautia syndetica is a shrub 1-2 (-3) m tall, the leaves are opposite. Diagnostic features of the species include the combination of uniseriate, somewhat coalescent receptacular bracts, coarsely glandular peduncles, glandular corolla tubes, and conspicuously strigose achenes. Flowering occurs mostly from March to June.

This species of the Hawaiian silversword alliance is restricted to Kaua'i in the region of the headwaters of Wahiawa Stream. It occurs in a low stature, diverse lowland wet forest, at elevations ranging from about 680-950 m.

Last Modification: January 23, 2005

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

dsyn_habs.jpg (13678 bytes) Typical habit and stature as pointed out by Ken Wood, the discoverer of Dubautia kenwoodii, and numerous other Hawaiian novelties.
dsyn_mids.jpg (14874 bytes) Closer view of leaves and capitulescences.
dsyn_lfs.jpg (6973 bytes) The lower surface of a dried leaf.
dsyn_cus.jpg (10348 bytes) Close view of flowering head and peduncles.  Note the coarse, peduncular glands and the weakly and irregularly coalescent, uniseriate, peripheral receptacular glands.   Pappus bristles and strigose achenes are also visible.
dsyn_florets.jpg (6362 bytes) Corolla showing conspicuous glands on the upper part of the tube.

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