Dubautia sherffiana Fosberg

Shrub with slender branches to 2 m tall, leaves alternate or very rarely opposite. Diagnostic features of the species include alternate, 5-11-nerved leaves, distinguishing it from the morphologically very similar D. linearis. Flowering apparently occurs mostly in September and October.

This uncommon species is found only on O'ahu in the Wai'anae Mountains in mesic forests and open ridge habitats at elevations ranging from 600-1,150 m. The sites occupied by the species receive about 75-200 cm of annual precipitation.

Last Modification: March 28, 2000

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Makua-Makaha Ridge, O'ahu
Vegetative plant on roadside ridge with Bruce and Lesley Bohm and Bill Crins. (photo 1986, Mt. Ka'ala, O'ahu)
Ridge-top specimen along road near summit of Mt. Ka'ala, O'ahu.
Large vegetative plant. (photo 1976, Mt. Ka'ala, O'ahu)
Flowering shoot from plant in cultivation. (photo 1989)
Small cluster of heads.

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