Dubautia raillardioides Hillebrand

Somewhat lax, partly decumbent shrub to 3 m tall, leaves in whorls of three. Diagnostic features of the species include coarse purple glands on the ultimate peduncles, white flowers, mostly peripheral, uniseriate, strongly coalescent receptacular bracts, and narrowly linear-lanceolate pappus scales. Flowering occurs from December to April.

This species is found only on Kaua'i, primarily in openings of wet forests or on the perimeter of bogs ranging in elevation from about 600 to 1,375 m. It occurs in sites receiving about 160-640 cm of annual precipitation.

Last Modification: March 28, 2000

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Note sprawling habit and large leaves with reddish bases. The hirsute botanist is Robert Robichaux (Moe) (photo 1980, Kahuama'a Flat, Kaua'i)
Note old flowering and fruiting stems and decumbent habit (photo 1976, Kahuama'a Flat, Kaua'i)
Vegetative shoot.  (photo 1976, Kahuama'a Flat, Kaua'i)
Flowering shoot (photo of plant from Kahuama'a Flat, Kaua'i)
Note white flowers and coarse glands on peduncles (photo 1979, Kahuama'a Flat, Kaua'i)
Note coarse glands on peduncle, and periperal, coalesced receptacular bracts (photo 1979, Kahuama'a Flat, Kaua'i)

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