Dubautia pauciflorula St. John & G. Carr

Subscandent to erect, diffusely branched shrub spreading to 3 m across and 3 m tall, leaves opposite. Diagnostic features of the species include 2-4-flowered heads, and smooth leaves with little or no external indication of venation. Sparse data indicates flowering occurs in August and September.

This species is found only on Kaua'i, in wet forests of the Wahiawa Mountains at about 700 m. Fewer than 50 individuals are known. The sites occupied by the species receive about 375-500 cm of annual precipitation.

Last Modification: April 21, 2006

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Vegetative branches, note pale lower leaf surfaces (photo 1979, Wahiawa Stream, Kaua'i)
Flowering branch, note low visibility of lateral leaf veins (photo 1979, Wahiawa Stream, Kaua'i)
Flowering heads, note extremely small size with only 2 or 3 florets per head (photo 1979, Wahiawa Stream, Kaua'i)

Alakai-Pihea Trail, Kauai (not otherwise know from this location)

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