Dubautia linearis (Gaudichaud) D. Keck

Commonly much branched diffuse shrub with slender branches to 2.5 m tall, leaves in whorls of 3, opposite, or alternate. Diagnostic features of the species include 3-nerved linear to narrowly elliptic-lanceolate leaves and somewhat cymosely clustered 2-6-flowered heads. Flowering occurs from June to November in subsp. linearis and August to January in subsp. hillebrandii (H. Mann) G. Carr.

This species is found on Maui and Lana'i (subsp. linearis), and Hawai'i (subsp. hillebrandii) in dry scrub habitats at elevations ranging from 450-2,500 m. The sites occupied by the species receive about 25-100 cm of annual precipitation.

Last Modification: January 23, 2005

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Typical dry lava site of subsp. linearis. (photo 1976, Luala'ilua Hills, E. Maui)
Leaves, flowers, and fruits of subsp. linearis. (photo 1976, Luala'ilua Hills, E. Maui)
Very dry site of the facultatively drought-deciduous subsp. hillebrandii. (photo 1980, Nahona o Hae, Hawai'i)
Subsp. hillebrandii stump-sprouting after fire. (photo 1978, Pohakuloa, Hawai'i)
Subsp. hillebrandii juvenile stump sprouts (left) and mature foliage (right). (photo 1979, Pohakuloa, Hawai'i)
Subsp. hillebrandii from Nahono'ohae, Hawai'i.
Subsp. hillebrandii flowering in cultivation. (photo 1980)
Flowering heads of cultivated individual of subsp. hillebrandii. (photo 1980)
Close view of head of subsp. hillebrandii.

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