Dubautia laxa Hooker & Arnott

Shrub 0.5-5 m tall with opposite leaves. Diagnostic features of the species include separate receptacular bracts equalling the number of florets, and prominent, essentially sessile glands on the corolla tubes. Four subspecies [bryanii (Sherff) G. Carr, hirsuta (Hillebrand) G. Carr, laxa, and pseudoplantaginea (Skottsberg) G. Carr] are recognized based on differences in flowering head size, and leaf size, shape, and indument. Flowering occurs mostly from July to December, or in subsp. bryanii may be more sporadic, including significant spring flowering.

This species occurs on Kaua'i, O'ahu, Moloka'i, Lana'i, and Maui. Suitable habitats include wet forests, bogs, and fog-swept ridges, at elevations ranging from about 360 to 1,700 m. It occurs in sites receiving about 85->1000 cm precipitation per year.

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Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

subsp. laxa from near top of Konahuanui, O'ahu.
A very tall form of subsp. laxa in a wet forest habitat (photo 1979, Hana'ula, W. Maui)
1 - A fairly typical form of subsp. hirsuta exhibiting broad leaves and low stature (photo 1980, Mauna Kapu, O'ahu), 2- close view of leaves of subsp. hirsuta from Mauna Kapu, O'ahu, (photo 2001)
Subsp hirsuta from Mt. Ka'ala, O'ahu (1-3 - 2003; 4 - April 30, 2005).
A flowering individual of subsp. hirsuta from Waianae Mts., Oahu.
Subsp. hirsuta has larger heads and more conspicuous, harsher hairs than other forms of the species (photo 1980, Lana'i Hale, Lana'i)
Medium-sized shrub stature typical of subsp. bryanii (photo 1977, Poamoho, O'ahu)
Smooth leaves and small heads typical of subsp. bryanii (photo 1977, Poamoho, O'ahu)
Close view of the heads of subsp. bryanii (photo 1977, Poamoho, O'ahu)

cf. subsp. pseudoplantaginea, Laie Summit area, O'ahu.

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