Dubautia latifolia (A. Gray) Keck

Diffusely branched liana with slender stems up to 8 m or more in length, leaves opposite. Diagnostic features of the species include the unique lianous habit and the conspicuous isodiametrically areolate-reticulate leaf venation. Flowering occurs in September to November.

This species is found only on Kaua'i, in mesic to wet forests adjacent to Waimea Canyon at about 975-1,200 m elevation. Fewer than 50 individuals are known. The sites occupied by the species receive about 110-190 cm of annual precipitation.

Last Modification: March 21, 2000

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Largest known individual (now dead) branching profusely in crown of a tree. The main stem is visible at the right side of the tree trunk and is illustrated below. (photo 1983, Kumuwela Ridge, Kaua'i)
Main stem of largest known individual. (photo 1976, Kumuwela Ridge, Kaua'i)
Kumuwela Ridge, Kaua'i, after Hurricane Iniki.
Mohihi Rd., Kokee, Kaua'i.
Vegetative shoots growing up tree trunk in cultivation in yard of John Plews (photo 1991, near Kumuwela Ridge, Kaua'i)
Terminal portion of a shoot held by Dennis McKenna and Elisabeth Rabakonandrianina.   (photo 1976, Kumuwela Ridge, Kaua'i)
Portion of shoot with clusters of flowering heads. (photo 1976, Kumuwela Ridge, Kaua'i)
Flowering heads.(photo 1976, Kumuwela Ridge, Kaua'i)

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