Dubautia arborea A. Gray

Large shrub or small tree to about 6 m tall with trunk up to 4 dm thick, leaves in whorls of 3. Diagnostic features of the species include whorled, elliptic-lanceolate to elliptic-oblong, glandular-scabrid leaves with a musty aroma, and large heads with up to 45 florets. Flowering occurs mostly from July to December.

This species is found only on Hawai'i where it occurs in high altitude scrub or alpine desert vegetation at elevations ranging from 2,125-3,100 m. The sites occupied by the species receive about 40-115 cm of annual precipitation.

Last Modification: March 20, 2000

Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

An arboreal form inspected by Donald Kyhos. (photo 1976, near Pu'u La'au, Hawai'i)
Spreading shrubby forms (behind botanists C. H. Lamoureux, Lani Stemmermann, and Gail Murakami). (photo 1976, near Pu'u La'au, Hawai'i)
Flowering shoots. (photo 1976, near Pu'u La'au, Hawai'i)
The flowering heads are borne in more or less pyramidal clusters.
Flowering heads of this species are among the largest in the genus, possessing up to 45 florets. (photo 1976, near Pu'u La'au, Hawai'i)
A rare individual on the vertical face of a pit crater on Hualalai out of goat's harm. (photo 1978, Hualalai summit area, Hawai'i)
Safe from goats but not necessarily from botanists.

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